Blithe Spirit Logo

Logo created for the Broadway Players production of Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward.

Broadway Players 2015-16 Season Posters

A set of posters was created for Broadway Players to display outside the new Princeton […]

2015 Soulfest News Paper Ad

This ad was created for the 2015 Soulfest at Oakland City University. The ad ran […]

Salty Turtle Logo and Tee Design

I created this logo and t-shirt design as a concept piece.

Holy Grounds Directional Signs

This indoor signage was created to direct potential customers to the Holy Grounds Coffee Shop […]

Blue Butterfly Logo

This concept logo was created in Adobe Illustrator and makes use of brush types. The […]

MiMP Valentine’s Banner

This banner was created for the social media accounts banner to be used during […]

MiMP Sidebar Banners

These banners were created for the featured posts section of the sidebar on the […]

MiMP Party Banner

This banner was created to use on the social media accounts between Christmas and […]